7 inch LCD Digital Microscope with 32GB TF Card 50-1200X Maginfication 1080P USB Video Microscope Camera with Wired Remote for Circuit Board Soldering PCB Kids Coin Microscope

50X-1200X Magnification: ANNLOV new lcd digital microscope provides 50X-1200X magnifications (magnification corresponds to monitor size), allowing you to view the smallest details of clearly such as plants,coins, diamonds,soldering etc,it's great gift idea for kids
7 Inch Rotatable FHD Screen: This microscopio digital utilises a built-in 7 inch screen which allows you to view directly,compare to other similar 4.3 inch screen microscope ,our 7 inch screen is much bigger and better for view,rotatable(90 degrees) screen design,more convenient for user from different angle to view it and better for eyes and neck
10 Led Lights Design:most similar 7 inch soldering microscope only have 8 adjustable led lights,some part the lights not enough,our this new lcd microscope add 2 extra adjustable lig

Screen Size: 7 inch

Magnification: 50-1200X Magnification


Adjustable Brightness: 10 LED lights

For Focus mode: Manual operation

video8 LED LIGHTbattery

7 Inch LCD Screen                                                    10 Adjustable LED Lights                                            Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Compare to normal 4.3 inch screen,our 7 inch          Except 8 LED fill lights surrounded by the                  Equipped with a Large lithium battery capacity
screen is much bigger and better for the                   camera, we add two extra adjustable lights,               of 2000mAh ,charge by any usb mobile
micro-world view.                                                       let most of the part have enough lights even in           adaptor for about 6 hours can provide up to 3

                                                                                  darkness environment.                                                 hours continuously working time(not the
                                                                                                                                                                       video mode),allowing us to observe the objects
                                                                                                                                                                       anytime and anywhere.

Video and Photo                                                         Convenient Wired Remote                                        Adjustable Screen & Stand

The LCD Digital Microscope equipped with a             Take photo or shot video or system                          Rotatable(90 degrees) screen design and up
micro SD card slot, You can save the images             setting,more easier than other similar                      and down metal stand,more convenient for
and videos obtained during your observations            microscope.                                                              user from different angle to view it and better
to the micro SD card and output them via usb                                                                                              for eyes and neck.
cable or TF card reader ,Maximum support to
32G (the micro SD card included).
coin microscopesoldering microscopeoutside
Coin Observe                                                             PCB Soldering                                                            Outside use
Note:This digital microscope mainly use for
view part of the coins. not the entire.