7'' Digital Microscope 1200X,Dcorn 12MP 1080P Photo/Video Microscope with 32GB TF Card for Adults Soldering Coins,Metal Stand,Wired Remote,10 LED Fill Lights,PC View,Windows/Mac Compatible

Item No.: B08K7FGY9Q
Amazing 10X-1200X Magnification: Dcorn LCD microscope allows to zoom in and observe the metal texture of coins, the veins of leaves, the lines of the skin, and the electronic components of the circuit board in the range of 10X to 1200X magnification. This allows you to experience the wonders of a microscopic world. However, please note that the actual magnification may vary depending on the distance between the lens and the observation object, as well as the size of the screen being used.
    Bigger 7-inch HD LCD Display: Dcorn microscope for adults features a 7-inch HD LCD display that supports video resolutions up to 1080FHD, as well as photo resolutions up to 12MP. Its 12MP camera technology enables you to easily view clear details of small objects. The 7-inch screen is larger, more ex

Product Description


What are the benefits of the 7inch LCD digital microscope by Dcorn?

Impressive Magnification: The Dcorn LCD microscope offers a wide magnification range from 10X to 1200X, allowing detailed exploration of various objects, from coins to electronic components, in the microscopic world. Note that actual magnification may vary based on factors like distance and screen size.

Generous 7-inch HD LCD Display: Featuring a large 7-inch HD LCD display with up to 1080FHD video and 12MP photo resolutions, this microscope provides clear and exciting viewing of small objects, surpassing the standard 4.3-inch models. It's ideal for precise observations, soldering, and more.

Flexible Illumination: With 8 built-in LED lights and 2 adjustable side lights that are brighter than regular LEDs, Dcorn's microscope ensures ample illumination for detailed observations in various environments.

Capture Memories: Beyond magnification, this microscope allows you to capture high-quality photos and videos of your discoveries during observations. Save them on the included memory card (supports up to 64GB TF card).

Adjustable Viewing: The screen's adjustable height and angle offer viewing flexibility. The sturdy metal base minimizes shaking, maintaining clear focus for stable and accurate observations.

PC Connectivity: Connect the Dcorn digital microscope to Windows 10 and Mac OS systems for larger and higher-quality images and videos. Use default applications like "Windows Camera" or "Photo Booth" to access its features


Spacious 7-inch HD LCD Screen

With its 7-inch HD LCD display, 1080FHD video, and 12MP photo resolution, this microscope excels for precise tasks like observations and soldering, surpassing 4.3-inch models

remote control

Convenient Remote Control

It allows you to remotely control various functions of the microscope, such as zooming, capturing images, recording videos, and adjusting settings without physically touching the device.In summary, the remote control enhances usability, convenience, and precision in operating the device


Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction

Crafted with aluminum alloy for its base, stand, and holder, this soldering microscope ensures long-term durability, making it suitable for extended use in tasks like micro soldering and printed circuit board repairs

adjust stand

Adjustable Height and Viewing Angle

The coin microscope's screen can be adjusted not only forward and backward but also in terms of height, offering you the flexibility to customize your viewing experience and eliminates eye and neck strain

Not Only a Microscope


The Dcorn 7 inch video microscope functions not only as a microscope but also as a camera capable of capturing photos and recording videos, all conveniently saved on the included 32GB microSD card

Portable Design For Outdoor Use


The Dcorn 7 inch portable digital microscope is well-suited for outdoor applications with its portable design, long-lasting battery (up to 3 hours on a full charge), and integrated LED lighting, making it a versatile tool for field research and nature observation, both during the day and at night

What's in the box

  • Digital Microscope *1
  • User Manual *1
  • 32GB TF Card *1
  • CD *1