10" HDMI LCD Digital Microscope 1500X,Coin Microscope for Adults with 16MP Camera Sensor,Soldering Microscope with LED Lights Touch Control,TV/Windows/Mac Compatible,Gift with Coin Guidebook

Item No.: B09VYP5ZXX
Large 10-inch display: Compared with the 7-inch screen, Dcorn 10 inch screen provides you with 43% more viewing field of vision. You can realize the effect of multiple people watching at the same time without connecting to a computer. The screen resolution is up to 614k pixels (1024 * 600), and you will see vivid and real pictures clearly. A larger screen will effectively prevent eye fatigue, and you will get a wonderful and comfortable viewing experience.
    10-1500X Magnification: Dcorn LCD digital microscope has 16MP camera technology with precise focus, which will bring a clearer picture. Upgraded color and brightness conversion, highly restore the true color of the object, you can observe between 10X and 1500X, you will experience a more realistic and clearer microscopic world.
digital microscope

What are the advantages of Dcorn 10-inch HDMI LCD digital microscope?

1. 10-inch display with a resolution of 1024*600 will bring you a larger and clearer picture.

2. The 16MP camera brings you more high-definition photos and smoother videos.

3. The light can be adjusted by touch, which is more convenient and intelligent.

4. The base and bracket made of metal material enhance the stability and durability.

5. Equipped with an extension tube, which allows more details to enter the screen, and also increases the operating space.

6. Support HDMI output to connect to larger displays.

7. Compatible with tripod, more versatile.

Dcorn is committed to bringing you better products and an excellent experience.

Digital Microscope

10-inch Display

Digital microscope


Larger 10-inch screen:

This USB digital microscope is equipped with a large 10-inch high-definition LCD screen. Dcorn provides you with 43% more viewing field of vision. You will observe, weld, etc. more easily and accurately.

Camera and video functions:

If you want to record your discoveries, you can use the camera or video function to take clear photos and smoothly record videos to save the wonderful microscopic world. The files will be stored in the included 32GB TF card.

Extension tube included:

Dcorn coin microscope for adults is equipped with an extension tube, which increases the height of the bracket so that more coins can enter the field of view. You will observe the entire coin and gain more operating space.

Digital Microscope

Digital Microscope


Adjustable Screen and Stand, Sturdy Metal Base:

The adjustable stand and screen provide greater flexibility for your observation while preventing eye fatigue. After the extension tube is installed, not only the field of vision is larger, the operation space is also larger, and it is more convenient for welding and maintenance.

Added 2 Side Lights Designs & Touch Control:

The light adjustment of Dcorn usb microscope adopts a touch control design, which is more intelligent and convenient. In addition to the built-in 8 adjustable LED lights, this USB microscope is also equipped with 2 adjustable side lights, which will provide you with more sufficient light, and you will not miss any observable point.

Convenient Remote Control:

The infrared remote control has the functions of taking photos, videos, zooming in, zooming out, etc. You can easily control the USB microscope without pressing the video microscope button, which perfectly avoids screen shaking. Whether in the process of observation or recording, you can always get a clear and stable picture.


coin microscope

Digital Microscope

Compatible with tripod, multi-site application:

The function of the tripod can not be ignored for both amateur and professional users. Its main function is to stabilize the microscope to achieve the best observation effect. It is of great significance when observing the smallest structure on the surface of an inclined or vertical sample. Such as electronic components on large mechanical equipment, rocks on cliffs, etc.

Reading guide:

You'll get a Dcorn carefully prepared guide reading guide:

A Guide to Coin Collection

This guide will help you better explore the microscopic world. Dcorn has designed a beautiful box, which is also a good choice for gift giving.

Ideal Gift:

Dcorn LCD microscope is suitable for circuit board inspection, watch repair, children's science education, biology observation (not suitable for observing cells), coin, jewelry and stamp observation, etc. It is an ideal gift for children, students, teachers and amateurs.

What Will You Get?

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